Dwarf Galaxy Workshop, ESO Garching, 10-13 Oct. 2016
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This workshop is a brainstorming event focused on the formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies, a topic which we consider as "very hot" and which draws the interest of observers and theorists alike. The workshop format focuses on interaction and discussion within a small group of invited participants. Our intention is to promote open exchange of ideas and the definition of new challenges for the future.

One of our main goals with this workshop is to discuss the current and upcoming capabilities of simulations and instrumentation in the light of the advancing research on dwarf galaxies. We aim at bringing together scientists with expertise in Local Group dwarfs, cluster dwarfs, and field dwarfs. One discussion item is how future telescopes may change our research methodology, e.g. extending the boundary for resolved stellar population studies. Another item is how quantitative 'observables' can be extracted from simulations and be compared to observational data, thus providing insight into the galaxies' past evolution. These are merely examples – the informal structure of the workshop allows everybody to put forward the scientific questions they consider most intriguing.

We are looking forward to a stimulating meeting that enhances communication and inspires new ideas!

Eric Emsellem & Thorsten Lisker


List of Participants:

Giuseppina Battaglia (IAC)
Giacomo Beccari (ESO)
Michael Boylan-Kolchin (UT Austin)
Michele Cirasuolo (ESO)
Patrick Côté (NRC Herzberg)
Pierre-Alain Duc (CEA Saclay)
Eric Emsellem (ESO, Co-Chair)
Adrien Guérou (ESO, LOC)
Nicolas Guillard (ESO, LOC)
Michael Hilker (ESO)
Joachim Janz (Swinburne)
Andreas Koch (Lancaster University)
Pavel Kroupa (U. Bonn)
Ryan Leaman (MPIA)
Federico Lelli (CWRU)
Thorsten Lisker (ZAH, Co-Chair)
Ewa Lokas (Copernicus Center)
Reynier Peletier (Kapteyn Institute)
Eric Peng (Peking University)
Joel Pfeffer (LJMU)
Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA)
Florent Renaud (Surrey)
Yves Revaz (EPFL)
Joel Roediger (NRC Herzberg)
Laura V. Sales (UC Riverside)
Rubén Sánchez-Janssen (UK ATC, Edinburgh)
Rory Smith (Yonsei)
Agnieszka Sybilska (ESO)
Erik Tollerud (STScI)
Eline Tolstoy (Kapteyn Institute)
Glenn van de Ven (MPIA)
Aku Venhola (U. Oulu)
Rukmani Vijayaraghavan (U. Virginia)
Karina Voggel (ESO, LOC)
Carolin Wittmann (ZAH)